East of Scotland Housing Choice - Edinburgh, Lothians, Falkirk and South Borders

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Housing Options

This service enables you to look at the housing options available in the Falkirk area personalised to your own circumstances.

Three easy steps to obtain information
on housing options relevant to you.
  1. Enter your details
  2. Explore your housing options and advice
  3. Follow your action plan
It will take between 10-15 minutes to enter your details and you can log back in at any time. If you feel that you want more information about your housing options and wish to speak to an adviser please contact the Access to Housing Team on 01324 503600 to book a Housing Options appointment.

Please Note

This site is not an application for housing or a homelessness application.
Private Rented Accommodation

You can use the search option to find private rented accommodation in the Falkirk area, detailing your needs to find a home.

Three easy steps to find the
right rental property for you
  1. Using the search options, select exactly what you are looking for and where (eg. the size of property, cost and area)
  2. Use the shortlist of properties to narrow down your search, or look at the properties available on the interactive map
  3. Contact the landlord(s) on the details provided
Listings will detail all aspects of the property (eg. Property size, facilities, eligibility, cost etc) including the landlord’s details who you can contact directly.